Extra Curricular Activities in Scotland

Integral to school life, extra-curricular activities (we prefer the term ‘co-curricular’) are equally as important as academic learning as they enable students to truly flourish and discover what they are made of! There are lots of opportunities to learn outside the classroom that provide personal challenge, teamwork and the discovery of new skills, so students are encouraged to participate and to give of their best.

Kilgraston School

Many opportunities to learn outside the classroom

In some schools, up to 50% of students take individual music instruction, sometimes learning several instruments, not just one. Choirs, ensembles, jazz bands and musical groups of all varieties are a feature of boarding school life. Drama is popular because it provides fun and enjoyment and also helps develop self expression. Numerous trips and exchanges are organised throughout the school year both at home and overseas. In most Scottish boarding schools, the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and CCF (Combined Cadet Force) are very popular, developing qualities such as self-discipline, resourcefulness and helping students to forge friendships.


Outdoor Education is now a firmly established part of the curriculum in Scotland’s Boarding Schools, enabling students to take advantage of Scotland’s stunning landscape and natural resources to learn valuable life skills. Orienteering, sailing, canoeing, horse riding, mountaineering are examples of pursuits on offer and a huge range of team and individual sports are available, both as part of the taught curriculum and in students’ free time. Some of Scotland’s boarding schools have golf, tennis and hockey academies and some offer sporting scholarships. Scotland, the home of golf, boasts some of the best golf courses in Europe and has world famous links courses. Over the last ten years or so, Scotland’s boarding schools have invested considerably in their sports facilities and many are of first-class quality. Indeed, international athletes will make use of them for training purposes in the run-up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Lathallan School Activities