Lathallan School

Lathallan School, located on the beautiful Aberdeenshire coastline in the north-east of Scotland, offers excellent opportunities for all young people to develop their full range of talents academically and beyond.

Housed in a Scottish castle, dating from 1867 and set in magnificent 62 acres of grounds, Lathallan School is where pupils have the opportunity to shine and be proud of their own individual achievements.

The possibility of accomplishment is in every child, and at Lathallan School we take our duty of helping every child discover their strengths and skills seriously, so that our pupils can reap the rewards of their talents.


Lathallan has a rural setting on the Aberdeenshire coast in north-east Scotland.

Nearest airport: Aberdeen Airport 55 minutes (35 miles).

Nearest railway station: Montrose 15 minutes (9 miles)

Further information

Lathallan School is a small school, set in a unique, secluded and stunning coastal location, which helps enhance a true feeling of family and community for all pupils and staff. This in turn helps create a sense of responsibility amongst pupils to reach high standards, and have respect and tolerance for one another.

It is a place in which challenge, industriousness and maximising individual potential is pivotal in our pupils’ educational development.

Every child is treated as an individual, with unique strengths and interests, which we nurture to enable them to achieve their potential. The variety of lessons and activities each pupil undertakes while at Lathallan School helps inspire pupils to fully engage with the school and each other, gaining new skills and confidence. New challenges allow pupils to discover previously unknown talents and resourcefulness.

Recently we saw pupils reaching national finals in a variety of fields such as drama, science and sports. The diversity of these achievements underpin the Lathallan School ethos that we strongly believe that every child deserves to enjoy the success of their individual abilities in whatever field they lie – on the sports field, in the classroom, in the arts, in personal achievement.

Academic excellence enhanced by a fully embedded holistic curriculum, allows our young people to experience an all-round education. The nurturing of such latent talents develops our pupils into young people confident in their skills, their relationships to others and society, and place in the world.

We follow the Scottish curriculum which allows pupils to experience a broad education of the highest quality. Scottish education has enjoyed an excellent reputation across the world for many years. Highers and Advanced Highers are comparable to A-levels, and are accepted by universities worldwide.

Lathallan pupils impress in the examination hall; recent results have shown Lathallan Senior pupils achieving pass rates at all levels well above 90%, half of all Advanced Highers passed at “A” grade level and typically 60% plus of S5 pupils gain four or more Highers at the first time of asking. This has meant 100% of our S6 pupils go onto university.

Our focus is, of course, on educational excellence.  Our overall size of less than 200 pupils and highly focused academic staff means each pupil can be assured of the highest care.

Adventure, teamwork and communication all help shape a rounded individual, confident of themselves and their place in society. Our pupils are polite, well mannered, with an energy and enthusiasm to learn. As this leads to greater self-esteem and confidence from accomplishment, which help our young people step into the competitive global world fully capable and prepared for life beyond the school walls.

Admissions & Fees

Entry requirements

Lathallan School is non-selective insofar as there are no entrance examinations for potential pupils. This is true in both the Junior and Senior Schools. Lathallan School feels it is appropriate for the school to consider a prospective pupil’s overall individual skills and achievements, and potential, when considering them for a place, and is in keeping with the Lathallan School ethos.

The admissions process is conducted through the means of a ‘taster day’ where a child attends Lathallan School for the day with their peers. We also want to see a child’s most recent report card. Where taster days are not possible, a letter of recommendation from a child’s current Headteacher will suffice.

Lathallan School holds an Open Day in October and January. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Tests for Scholarships, for entry into S1 and S5, are held annually in January.

Scholarships Awards are available in recognition of a number of abilities i.e. Academic, Sports, Rugby 7s, Netball, Music, Art, Drama, Bagpipes and Marching Drums, and All Rounder. Awards are made after assessment of academic papers. Interviews take place during the pupil’s visit to the school.

Additional references are always encouraged when applying for a Scholarship (from choirmaster, sports coach etc.). Awards can be worth up to 100% of the tuition element of the school fee. Parents may also apply for further financial assistance in the form of a bursary award. Scholarships remain with a pupil throughout their time at Lathallan, provided the criteria continue to be met. (Music scholars, for example, will be expected to maintain tuition and perform in school concerts).  This will be re-assessed annually.

Lathallan’s ethos is centred round being inclusive. We wish to offer our brand of education to as many children as possible. To this end, we have a number of assisted places available to families who many not be able to meet the full fee. These assisted places range in value up to 100% and can be offered from Junior 1 (P1) through to S6.

Boarding fees per term£5663 (J1) - £7210 (S6)
Day fees per term£3074 (J1) - £4403 (J7)
Registration fee£35