Fees and funding for boarders

Fees at Scotland’s Boarding Schools

Fees for full boarding at Scotland’s Boarding Schools range from £20,000 to £30,000 per year. Schools offer flexible payment terms – monthly, termly or annually.

Indicate average boarding fees (for the school year 2012 – 2013), including tuition, are:

  • Junior – £6,472 (termly), £19,416 (annually)
  • Senior – £8,970 (termly), £26,910 (annually)

There are 3 terms per school year – Christmas term, Easter term and Summer term.

Scotland’s Boarding Schools are sensitive to the pressures that parents face, particularly in the current economic climate, and they work hard to keep fee increases as low as possible to ease the burden on parents and to widen access. Fees are set at a level to cover running costs and generate only a small surplus which is reinvested into facilities and resources for the benefit of students.

What’s included in the fees at Scotland’s Boarding Schools?

Some boarding schools in Scotland charge an all-inclusive fee while others charge an additional fee for ‘extras’. The items listed, below, are often included in the fees although parents are advised to check with individual schools:

  • personal accident insurance
  • exam entry fees
  • curricular and sport-related travel
  • meals
  • laundry
  • classroom stationery

Financial assistance provided by Scotland’s Boarding Schools

All of Scotland’s boarding schools offer financial assistance granted on the basis of financial need. The level of financial support can vary considerably, from a free place (where 100% of the fees are met by the school) to awards worth around 20% of the fees.

Scholarships are also available, in recognition of particular talents and abilities, although the financial reward is often relatively small because, as charities, schools prefer to award their available funds to those in genuine financial need.

The leaflet, Meeting the Cost of School Fees, can be downloaded here. It gives information, advice and guidance about planning ahead to meet the cost of fees and applying to schools for financial assistance.